The Foodie Cat The Foodie Cat

The Foodie Cat

I am an epicurean. A visionary. A Bon Vivant. Oh yes, and above all that I am a member of the felis catus species commonly known as the domestic cat. I am The Foodie Cat! Like so many in my tribe, I've been called finicky. Bitch, please (and by bitch, of course, I mean any female canines that may be reading this) Simply, I adore the taste of good food but most feline grub is just abominable. Wretched business. I mean, have you ever tasted the stuff? I decided to do something about it which is why I developed Foodie Cat Artisanal Cat Food Seasoning, a delicious flavor enhancing condiment that makes any cat food, wet or dry, delectable. You're welcome. Yes, Foodie Cat was created by yours truly. In fairness, the actual production, the manufacturing, the day-to-day operations are carried out by individuals with opposable thumbs, namely the human minions who live in my house. Like me at, follow me at