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Lori Culpepper Dinsmore

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There is a psychiatric/psychological diagnosis called “Folie a Plusieurs,” which is a French phrase literally meaning “Madness has Several.” This disorder was first discovered by French Mental Health Professionals, thus the French name. The illness may occur when people are so enmeshed with each other they actually adopt the psychosis or psychoses of their companions. The imagery which the phrase~Madness has Several~evokes, for me, is simply enchanting. This is my portal into my own folie and joy. I am a former Flight Attendant for one of the major U.S. airlines, where I traversed the globe for eight years. As a natural professional progression, after I resigned my employ with the airline, I began working in Psychiatric Research at a State Psychiatric Hospital. There, I (under the tutelage of the Psychiatrist for whom I worked-along with a team of colleagues) was a published author regarding such hot button issues as “Total Cotinine in Plasma A Stable Biomarker for Exposure to Tobacco Smoke.” Have you read it? That one didn’t quite blow up the non-scientific community’s radar. But, then came “Initiation of Daily Smoking and Nicotine Dependence in Schizophrenia and Mood Disorders.” After this one leapt off the presses, I was lucky to be able to make it through the aisles of the grocery store without hordes of photographers and autograph seeking, chain-smoking, mentally ill persons obstructing my path. Currently, I am a Stay Home, HomeSchooling Mother to a ten-year old Human Boy, Ciaran(pronounced KEAR-un), four-year old Bloodhound Boy, Seamus, and a six-year-old Retired Racing Greyhound Boy, Milas. My Husband (also a Boy), Jonathan, and I have been married for 15 years. They are my treasures. I also write. Here is my lens for the epoch we all share-past, present, and, God willing, future. These are my hopes, ruminations, and of course, delirious thoughts…but what always burns most vividly is the beautiful laughter. Détenir sur étroite à la folie avec mon âme folle ma pretties. Lori Culpepper Dinsmore http//foliehasseveral.wordpress.com/