FoldedBrilliance FoldedBrilliance


I can vividly remember the first one. I was a freshman in high school at the time, and my new friend Malonedies who had just moved from Georgia were sitting in Spanish class waiting to get out. As we walked out of class, through the crowded hallways he passed me a folded note. What could it be? A note from a girl? Or maybe it was a note to go home he had forged and wanted me to sign, like I was his mom. It had turned out to be neither. I opened the folded piece of stationary to witness a crude drawing of me, hands bound around a tree with some guy who was labeled “Me”(Malonedies) peeing all over my face with a shotgun in my ass. Since then our methods have evolved into texting, and writing stories that captivate the mind, and enrich the soul. This bi-weekly blog will post our daily texts, sketches, and stories we have compiled over the past ten years. I’d say ‘enjoy’ but that would probably be asking too much.