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My dog's butt more entertaining than Jersey Shore?

I have fair use rights for the music track from YouTube at my website link. I made this? with the intention of doing something I could watch to try to relieve stress, all kidding aside. I have watched this a dozen times and every time I do, I feel better than when I started. The same cannot be said of most of the reality shows on now. Think of this as decompression from reality, therapy. Dosage is as follows....use liberally and as? often as possible! When I worked as a puppeteer at Six Flags, I did an improv show talking to kids and I usually could keep them laughing for at least 10 minutes. Once in a while, drunk a-holes from Jersey wanted to kick my ass, after I would come out of the "Pelican Shack'. The guy I worked with, would hide in there until they got tired of waiting. Not my style, if I saw people waiting I would come and immediately thank the guys for being good sports. In one case drunk guy wouldn't stop following me. No self respecting HS athlete could let a drunk redneck out run him. I was about to hit a dead? sprint to security, when I blurted out "hey man let me buy you a beer at the Cantina". He was disarmed and said "no man, those f-ers? cut me off. I have to go to home anyway, thanks", and he went away. I am not afraid of Pauli-D or Mike kicking my ass because I'm confident I can out run them. Fear of death is the best "performance enhancer". "The Story" Shotzie is a young girl in love with an older boy. She's staying at his place when they get to an argument and she moves out. She then stays with friends, but she is no mood to mess around. Shotzie is a real cute girl and everyone loves her but when she gets pissed she can be so mean. She will literally chew your ear off. Something is said and she blows up on all her friends and then goes to the local watering hole to drown her sorrows. The last scene is of her restlessly tossing in her bed as she tries to sleep. This starts like a regular home video and the further it goes the more elaborate it gets until it becomes this dark tale of angst. I think it is funny as a spoof of puppy, MTV videos. Trying to make a couple of bucks and prove that anyone can make better content than what some networks are cramming down..