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is geared to create orgasms through comedy.

Four members of Flingshot Productions: Jacob R. Davis For years my friend John and I have written many ideas for scripts and concepts for shows and finally....FINALLY...we get to do this. I've only done work on some school plays when it comes to acting. My biggest inspirations with acting and comedy would be comedic legends (in my mind at least) such as Peter Sellers, Bill Murray, Rick Moranis, Phil Hartman,Rowan Atkinson & everyone from Monty Python & KITH. This is my first major attempt and actually doing something involving film so all I hope is that we can make people laugh. OK and also orgasm from laughing cause Hell that would be fucking impressive. Cheers all. Nick Dutton I have written for small projects before and done some slight voice acting for a machinima that was going to be entitled "Cannon Fodder." Sadly, the project fell off the face of the earth before our first episode was completed. I have written a few script ideas before and I will probably be helping a lot with the script for this series most of the time. I have a fairly broad sense of humor and will laugh at anything from dead babies to well-done fart jokes to "Cake or Death!?" I’ve never actually acted before though, so that will be a new experience. John Rifenberg I have wanted to start writing for a long time and finally its actually happening. I've been a fan of comedy from all generations from the Marx Brothers to Wes Anderson. Acting is not my best skill and I'm hoping it will be at least passable. Jillian Rowley I'm excited to be joining the cast of Stuck in Neutral. I will be providing the ovaries currently absent from the group dynamic. My acting background is scattered. I did a few plays in my teen years, but I think my real thespian experience came from the bloody, dramatic deaths I used to stage with my best friend by smashing blackberries over my heart and other vital organs. My greatest comedic influences are Michael, Michael and David of Stella, but my sense of humor is pretty diverse. The last two movies I watched were Hot Fuzz and American Psycho. I thought they were both absolutely hilarious.


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