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El Gato "The Flashy Dancer"

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El Gato "The Flashy Dancer" El Gato "The Flashy Dancer"

El Gato is from planet Cataraan which is 3,000 light years ahead of planet Earth. Born and raised on an island called Catalina, El Gato is an only child. Further, he is thought to have a birth defect, simply and purely, because he is attracted to weird sounds. In short, when he tries to imitate those sounds he breaks out into a cold sweat as he shakes, rattles and wiggles his body. All of the other cats on this planet think he is a "cat"astrophe waiting to happen. Thus, he is given the name El Gato while his real name is placed on hold. Unlike all of the other cats, it is believed that El Gato is missing, lacking, and/or did not inherit the "G" gene (genius gene) from his parents. At least, that is what all of the other cats on this planet think.