Fitty Smallz

Fitness Expert. RapStar. Entertainer. Original music. Hysterical lyrics. Crazy videos with a message.

Fitty Smallz Fitty Smallz

Fitty Smallz, AKA Notorious F.I.T. is a fitness expert, entrepreneur and author whose experience has spanned over three decades. As a producer, rap star and performer, Fitty has pushed the envelope of creative thinking to deliver his message through music and music videos. Breaking into the music scene with a bang, he launched his own record label Notorious F.I.T. Productions and recorded his first two original music tracks, Hamburger Fries & Shake and Sweet Tooth Superstars followed by Muffin Top. Fitty is the #1 ranked Rap/HipHop artist on ReverbNation in Jacksonville, FL and also ranks in the top 100 in the world. During his career, Fitty has operated fitness clubs around the world and helped develop some of the top fitness brands in the industry. A dynamic public speaker, motivator and educator, Fitty has dedicated his life to helping people change their lives through fitness and has helped millions of people get on the path to living better. Fitty is an established authority in the fitness industry and has been featured on the cover of numerous fitness publications. He has also been interviewed for numerous feature stories and articles for print, radio and television, including Time Magazine, the New York Times, New York Magazine, Crain’s New York Business, and Entertainment News. Walking the talk, Fitty is an ex competitive body builder and has held multiple national fitness certifications, including over 400 hours of Pilates certification through Balanced Body. Fitty actively pushes the limits of his own fitness goals by training everyday in his own private Pilates studio.