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First Central Mortgage Funding is a financing company that specializes in real estate and mortgage lending in the United States. First Central Mortgage Funding in the U.S. has an extensive history of success with a variety of clients ranging from individuals or small families seeking to refinance their mortgages to large companies and developers searching for loans to construct massive scale projects. First Central Mortgage Funding in the United States utilizes a simple funding endorsement system that allows them to evaluate each lending situation with a thorough examination, focusing its attention on the specific needs of the parties involved. Looking beyond baseline numbers, First Central Mortgage Funding sees the vision behind each funding request and believes in making each vision a reality. The team at First Central Mortgage Funding in the U.S. has financed development for countless projects, including self-storage facilities, manufacturing processing plants, hotels, restaurants, and automotive service properties. First Central Mortgage Funding U.S. keeps its financial portfolio diverse, offering the company valuable insight into a variety of lending situations. First Central Mortgage Funding does not entertain applications from the mortgager directly; our deals are funded only through licensed mortgage brokers. Please have your broker contact us on your behalf. Aside from larger funding projects, First Central Mortgage Funding Inc. in the United States participates in smaller loans as well, most recently funding over 90% of a loan to help a family in severe financial crisis save their home. After spending months trying to gather money for a loan, the family met with First Central Mortgage Funding, who offered them a loan to pay their mortgage, which allowed them to keep their home. The team at First Central Mortgage Funding United States financially supports various charitable organizations across the community committed to help feed, clothe, and support families in need.