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Fetameriganoi Prodcutions is a company from Kalamata, Greece. The main rule of this company is that they give everything they make for free to the people. One part of FP makes funny or not funny videos. The other big part is the alternative rock band Fetameriganoi. The most important members of this organization are the Fetameriganoi Productions Elite crew. Thanos Pappas (Thanas_4), Dimitris Tsilivarakis (MOE 00), Dimitris Soumis (JS 28), Theocharis Paliakos (Thechas_7) and Panagiotis Bousounis (Pitas 34) are the leaders of FP. Those 5 people also are in the band called Fetameriganoi and becsides the videos they make just for fun, they compose and perfom some rock, alternative and experimental music that is available for free of course. The band exist till 2003 and you can hear some of their stuff on www.myspace.com/fetameriganoi and on www.reverbnation.com/fetameriganoi. For some more videos of FP you can visit www.youtube.com/fetameriganoi