Fernando's Kitchen Bang Bang Fernando's Kitchen Bang Bang

Fernando's Kitchen Bang Bang

“Hello, I am Fernando and I have something important to tell you... You are fantastic."

Fernando has been described as a charismatic mix between James Bond 007, the Dos Equis-Most Interesting Man in the World, and persuasive chef Nigella Lawson. Fernando’s Kitchen Bang Bang is a revolution waiting to happen. Using the kitchen as his platform to educate and entertain, it’s the best marital aid since the 5-speed Rabbit. Women can’t resist him, his food, his charm, and the best news is, he’s in you. Somewhere. And soon to be all over your face. "A man that cooks for his woman is like a Unicorn. Beautiful but very rare, maybe impossible. I will make some Unicorns for the world, you will love it.” - Fernando, 2014