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Hi, I'm Felecia McGrath and i am a singer/songwriter who loves improve comedy and acting too! I don't know if I'm any good, but none-the-less I love it and it makes me happy! I used to take classes at Comedy Sportz in LA but just before I finished, I moved to NYC. I moved to continue working with a producer, BUT I moved 6 months into living there to come here to Knoxville, TN. Yeah, after living in huge cities, I'm bored to death! I am currently awaiting acceptance into MTSU just south of Nashville to further my career in music. I will be studying recording/ production and networking like nuts! I currently C-DJ for the party "Temple", which resides on Saturdays at Fairbanks where I was bartending for awhile. Its an Industrial/ goth/ alternative party. Very fun nights. I go by DJ FEFE :0 that's what I have for now! Update 9-16-11 Wow, a lot has changed. I will be graduating soon and I'm currently studying, sound for film, ProTools 9, and configuring a "home project studio" ...Fun....Music videos....coming soon!