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"Lock-Load-Love" Dates are Here!

The Entertainment Industry is changing. Like the fall of the Studio System in the 1950s, these changes are both seismic and inevitable. The old ways of doing things are being phased out in favor of DIY (Do IT Yourself) enterprises. Feenix Films is at the forefront of this new media landscape. Feenix Films is a film and television ensemble company, modeled after the theatrical resident companies of old. We offer full-service, in-house production of film, television, and web-based entertainment. We’re comprised of a talented and diverse stable of artists and tech persons, who do anything and everything needed to produce a successful work of media – acting, writing, directing, camera work, graphic and web design, music composition & recording, and more. People respond to the personal done well. It is what draws them into entertainment. That’s what Feenix Films is all about. We pride ourselves on forging firm & lasting relationships with both our company members and our audience, creating a home and family they will always be able to trust and return to. Feenix Films – Industry Reborn.