Fiona Myers Fiona Myers

Fiona Myers

is very bored, and is about to download music :) SEEIN P!NK in concert tomorro w

Hiii,I'm Fiona Victoria Myers.I'm a sixteen year old girl.With blue eyes and black hair. Even though my hair colour is coming out so ive got bits of blonde in it to at the mo.i'm taken by the most kindest caring boyfriend ever.i really see a future with him.I really dont want us to split up yet, or ever because he is part of me now.I have the most amazing friends&best friends.They might all have different personalities so i have to seperate them but i still love them will all my heart.They are my life, the reason why i am here today.No-one can stop me loving these people.Dont ever bitch about them to me, cos i will not just stand there and take it.They might seem different around you,but there not with me.Thats why i love them.I started Westfield Academy 4weeks ago.Completed it and got a destinction in the exam :).Just got to wait to do workplacements then its finised completely.But i tell you one thing i am never going to loose contact with the friends i have made on the course.They are such amazing people i feel like i have known them for ages. They are Sharon,Ben,Tina,Alex&Rob :D.They dont half make me laugh.I am soo loving my life right now.