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Fan Night on TBS

Want to be in a Seth Rogen movie?

Well, frankly, that's not possible.

But we're giving you an opportunity that can charitably be called the next best thing!

In conjunction with TBS, we're proud to present Funny or Die Fan Night, a special TV airing of Knocked Up, accompanied by fan tributes to Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, and all your favorite moments from the film.

We're looking for fans to submit their video recreations of some of the film's classic characters and moments.

Want specifics? Fine:

  • Find your friend with a beard and come up with creative ways to insult him
  • Send us your best fake interviews with James Franco
  • Send us your best Seth Rogen laughs
  • Show off your drunken dance moves
  • Play fetch with your kids and tape it!
  • Send in videos of you asking your kids what they'd like to google

If your submission gets selected to air on TBS, you'll be handsomely rewarded! Provided your definition of handsomely is "received a nonzero amount of financial compensation for legal reasons".

Submit yours today!

  1. Upload your video to Funny or Die (Requires a Funny Or Die Account)

  2. Send us a link to your video at fan.night@funnyordie.com