FamousFarrah FamousFarrah


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*FAMOUS FARRAH* As her 26th birthday approaches, Farrah Satrapi (Kathreen Khavari) realizes that she’s bored with her monotonous, sterile life in the lab. After John (Mike Ivers), her Wall St. big-shot fiancé, forgets her birthday, Farrah’s wannabe socialite sister Ava (Giselle Vasquez) takes her out for the celebration she deserves. During their night out on the town, Farrah has a chance encounter with The Cake Boys — a floundering rap group looking for a gimmick to put them on the map. After meeting Farrah, crew leaders Mac Illa (Lamar Cheston) and Greg Greasy (Eden Marryshow) are convinced that once they make her their “Fergie,” they’re bound to take over the game. Deciding she needs a little spice in her life, Farrah accepts the offer and the comedy ensues.