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2 Buffoons

Sketch comedy at it's cheapest

Three world class morons set out to bring you 2 Buffoons comedy channel with a loosely scripted, improved interview show where everything seems to goes wrong. Every episode features a comedian or celebrity guest. The Channel also has Comedy sketches, Man on the street, Pranks and more. NEW VIDEO EACH WEEK! From the Co-Director,writer of Howard Stern's Sitcom " Show In the hallway" comes 2 Buffoons. please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE our videos ; ) Thanks for watching www.facebook.com/2Buffoons Twitter @2buffoons Snapchat @twobuffoons Instagram @2buffoons Beme @2buffoons Vine @2buffoons Periscope @2Buffoons www.2buffons.com Email 2buffoonstellyouthenews@gmail.com Starring/Written by Jason Katz, Mike Depietro, Elliot Christ

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