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Hilarity so hilarious it has to be seen to be laughed at

We are not the Stewie Griffin stuffed toy at the carnival. We are not a lovely dinette set. Nor are we the bottle of Centrum Silver that goes to the winner of said dinette set. But do you know what it feels like to win these things? Me neither. But I can only imagine that it’s awesome. That’s where we come in. We are Casey Maxwell, Tyler Maxwell, and Simon Marx. Together with our supporting cast, we are … The Fabulous Prizes – the finest, most unspeakably hilarious collection of sketch comedy minds ever to generate a brain synapse. With our heart-stoppingly entertaining and unique sketches, we can give you this awesome, prize-winning feeling ten-thousand fold. Don’t believe us? Well why the hell not? It’s written on the Internet. It has to be true. But if you still need some convincing just watch these here videos. See if you don’t deafen anyone within a three block radius with your intense bursts of hysterical laughter. You’ll feel like you’ve won the awesomeness lottery. And isn’t that feeling the most fabulous prize of all? … The answer is a resounding, “maybe.”