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wants to Quantum Leap back to the year .......(lol)

The name is Sheldon Pessoa and when you speak of me speak well.I am a proud Jamaican Canadian with a Portuguese last name (Pessoa). My dream is to be a household name or to create something that is more popular than I. Preferably, writing a novel as good as "To Kill a Mocking Bird" the greatest novel ever written. I know my work is cut out for me. Winning the Nobel Prize for literature is a dream, which will be reality. I would like to marry Halle Berry, but would settle for Salma Hayek (lol). To tell you the truth, just looking for any woman that can breathe (lol) As you can tell I'm very idealistic and sometimes it's difficult to remain this way during troubled times. I hate politics, but strangely know a lot about it. Impeach King George before more people die because of his stupidity. As I become older, activism seems more attractive, but always with a peace mentality. When I die and leave the physical existence, I want them to write on my tombstone Sheldon Alec Pessoa 1981-??? “Too Original to Even be Cloned.“

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