Evan Jacobs

Evan Jacobs Evan Jacobs

"The Best Days of My Life" is a half hour coming of age sitcom about an 11 year old boy named Erol Jacobs that begins in the summer of 1984. Erol is like and unlike many young kids. He loves watching movies, playing the occasional sport, reading and, especially, writing. Due to Erol’s flair for putting his thoughts and ideas down on paper, he is a very keen observer of the world around him. "The Best Days of My Life" is a slice of life dramedy about Erol’s experiences that will transport viewers of all ages back to the magical and not so magical moments of their youth. Erol lives with his family in a suburban enclave of Orange County that is a mix of mid '80s conservatism and growing diversity among nationalities. With both of their parents working to make ends meet, Erol and his brother Andrew are latchkey kids. Even though Andrew is three years older than Erol and they are starting to grow apart, the boys still manage to get into their fair share of trouble together. Whether they are helping mutual friends steal things from the neighborhood supermarket or having other people talk them into doing things that they shouldn’t do, Erol and Andrew always seem to find a way to bond when they need each other most. Their family practices Judaism, with their father having a bit more allegiance to the religion due to his Orthodox upbringing. Their mother is somewhat ambivalent toward the faith as her parents did not practice organized religion when she was younger. With liberal household ideals, left wing books on the shelves and a mezuzah on the front door, the Jacobs family stands out just enough in their cookie cutter neighborhood on Mt. Kirby Street to be different. Erol attends Northroute Elementary School a few blocks from his home. Gerry Guerrero and Bryan Choi are Erol’s best friends. Although they are more similar to one another than they are to Erol, they seem to understand his quirkiness better than any of his other classmates. Erol may not be the coolest person in the group but he has an uncanny ability to be the one that people "tell things to" and he has a knack for making everybody laugh. Other members of Erol’s group are Allen Rodriguez, Dennis O’Malley, Olga Quintana, Anne Marie Morales, Gary Leonard and James Meier. Outside of school, Erol mainly hangs out with Gerry, Bryan and neighbors Chris Barnes and Isaac Hughes. The first season of "The Best Days of My Life" chronicles Erol’s life and growth from the summer of 1984 through his 6th grade year of elementary school. The episodes deal with Erol’s growing interest in girls, writing, making choices about following or not following his friends and generally experiencing the world in a different and more unique way than the people around him. "The Best Days of My Life" is a show that is inspired by and reverentially infused with the 1980s pop culture experience.