evamoon evamoon


Cheerfully perverted

The Eva Moon Cocktail: Take one part Bette Midler's divine chutzpah, one part Fiona Apple's juice, add a spritz of Winehouse and top with Tori Amos' flaming hair. Blend in a hot band and stir with a comedy shtick. Mmm, tasty! Eva Moon & the Lunatics serves up a quirky, high-energy cocktail of pop, jazz, funk and Latin originals. Let us bail you out with a recession-proof show that will make you forget your troubles for a few hours. The music is hot and the lyrics are hotter. Nigerian scammers, sexy bankers, Brazilian waxing, mail order vibrators, barista lust. Nothing is off limits. So, get a sitter for the kids and uncork something shaken and stirred.