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Marty Grimes

Marty Grimes started performing stand-up comedy in 2006, after realizing that there’s life outside of his 8 by 10 foot cubicle. He got his start taking classes at the San Francisco Comedy College, which incidentally, has never been able to field a decent basketball team. He comedic inspirations started with Steve Martin and the Smothers Brothers as a child. He’s quick to add that those Smothers Brothers albums belonged to his parents, as he is far too young to have experienced the 60‘s. Marty performs at comedy clubs all around the Bay Area including the legendary Purple Onion, the Throckmorton, the San Jose Improv and the San Francisco Punch Line. He’s a regular host at Rooster T. Feathers, where he placed second in the club’s annual comedy competition. He performed at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, and in the New York Comedy Contest. In 2009, Marty competed in the prestigious Great Canadian Laugh Off in Toronto and where he finished in the top 16. Among his comedy highlights was touring with Marga Gomez. Marty writes a column called Grimes and Misdemeanors for the website, The Daily Casserole, and still lives in a 8 by 10 foot cubicle, 40 hours a week.