Erica Scott Erica Scott

Erica Scott

What is short, over-weight, tired, cranky, and runs on caffeine? A forty-something mother of three and wife to one. That my little pets is a peek into my scintillating world of developing domesticity. Appealing eh? Catchy to say the least. No glitz. No glamour. No high heels--except for funerals, weddings, and job interviews. Family and friends know me as Erica Charlene Scott, although I've been known to answer to "What's her Name", "Cheyanne-Cassidy-Calvin's Mom", "Hey Toots!" and "Sugar Pants." I'm a friend to a few and an acquaintance to many. My name is not preceded by "Doctor", "Officer,"Nurse" nor "Sister." The only official title I hold is "Mrs.", and that's just the way I like it. I don't aspire to be a rock star, movie star, or porn star. But in case you haven't guessed, I do aspire to comedic genius! I have fantasies of bringing the house down with my wit! Delivering my unique and neurotic brand of humour to the masses! Oh indeed, I'm a mother, a wife, and a community volunteer, but deep inside ... deep into the soul of my being... lies the heart of a legendary comedienne! Bring it on!