The Early Monday Morning Show The Early Monday Morning Show

The Early Monday Morning Show

It’s the Early Monday Morning Show! Baltimore’s Premiere Comedy Improv Troupe! For close to a decade EMMS has played theaters, comedy clubs and petting zoos for the literally dozens of art-supporting fans in Maryland. Bursting onto the scene in 2000, right after Y2K when they knew it was safe; EMMS has been a favorite on local radio stations including 98 Rock, Mix 106.5 and WHFS. They have expanded into video work and internet love. AND they are the creators and producers of the annual Baltimore Comedy Fest! Now entering their 5th year at the Mobtown Theater, EMMS is gearing up for another successful season of improv games and comedy skits. Always bringing a fresh and original take on live shows, audiences never know what to expect from them! In fact, play their albums backwards and you can almost swear they say ‘I buried Harold…’ Hey, that’s an inside ‘improv’ joke! Google it sometime. Point is EMMS breaks down the old traditional ‘how to’ styles and rocks the crowds with humor that is uniquely their own. They may not change your life, but they will give you a rash…in a good way! The Early Monday Morning Show…they’re not just for breakfast anymore.