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EMG Music is a GERMAN based record company. Our aim is simply to release & promote Independent Musicians and Bands with great music we discover and believe in. The company was started in 2004! EMG Music is a traditional record label for the new age. EMG Music specializes in your band's place on the internet. The internet is becoming a more and more viable option to offer your music to the public. Many artists are bypassing the traditional music industry format by directly offering their music online to fans. This is the type of promotion and marketing that EMG Music specializes in. One of the biggest issues for a band is promotion. If nobody's heard your band, then nobody can like your band. And if nobody likes your band, you've got nothing to go to labels with. Exposure not only means looking better to a label, but also means you'll start making music sales before you even get to that level, and labels love that. EMG Music is a label that steps up to the bat for you where it counts. Getting people to hear you! EMG Music's staff has had their hands in internet music marketing since the beginning of the internet. Back then, there was very little you could really do besides offer some unique information about your band. Nowadays, there's so many places to promote, sell, and market your music that most bands don't even know where to begin. This is where EMG Music steps in. Using our years of experience, we can take your band and guide you through the process of getting recorded, getting your CDs manufactured, and getting out there. EMG Music has a tried and true method of internet promotion and marketing, and we'll get your band out there and heard, and most importantly, available for sale! EMG Music ...a better place for bands!