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El Vacilon TV

Funny has finally arrived on Spanish tv! Saturdays @ 9PM on MegaTV!

Comedy on Spanish television has had a long history of missing a very important ingredient... funny. But that has now changed with EL VACILON! Funny has finally arrived on Spanish television! Directed by Agustin and featuring the biggest Hispanic celebrities hosting weekly, the hottest musical acts, Las Chicas Vacilon, and introducing a vibrant cast of today's funniest Hispanic talents... Sarahi Diaz, Casper Martinez, Yamil Piedra, Johnny Trabanco, & Alvaro Ruiz. MegaTV is available in the following markets & channels: Nationwide on DirecTV Mas - Ch 405 Miami, FL - Ch 22 Orlando, FL - Ch 38.2 Tampa, FL on - 36.2 West Palm Beach, FL - Ch 57 Palm Springs, CA - Ch 19.2 Fresno, CA - Ch 33.2 Charleston, SC - Ch 40.2 Chicago, IL - Ch 13 Dallas, TX - Ch 26 New York, NY - Ch 48.2, Time Warner Cable - Ch 92, Verizon Cable - Ch 466 Puerto Rico - Ch 14.1. Cable & satellite users Choice Ch 16, Liberty Ch 45, OneLink Ch 60, DIRECTV Ch 169 & Dish Network Ch 60.