Elliot Mason Elliot Mason

Elliot Mason

Finely crafted genre hopping comedy songs from an eccentric nut case with a sort of beard.

Elliot Mason is a comedy singer/songwriter on a mission. He doesn't really know what that mission is but he's definitely on one. His songs explore the big questions of life like why after decades of being called 'Jif' the popular bathroom cleaning product decided to change it's name to 'Cif', he regales audiences with awe-inspiring tales from his fascinating life like the time he waved to his friend across the street and then realised it was someone else, and he discusses many intellectual ground-breaking concepts like what sort of swimming goggles you'd need if you had a giant eyeball on your knee. Utterly charming, often bewildering and endlessly amusing, he is both a skilled musician and talented comic with inimitable wit and awesome hair.