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Elizabeth Regal

We "Envision" the future of Television and Film with a twist of sci-fi thrillers and comedies.

Elizabeth Regal is a professional working producer, writer, director, actress, and model, for over 20 years in many aspects of show business that raised in the south in Knoxville, Tennessee. Elizabeth acquired an early attraction to show business at the tender age of 11 when she originally started her career as a model and actress. Because of her tall, thin and exotic look, she graced the runways for over a decade for many notable designers as Tommy Hilfigre, Ann Klein, The Gap, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor. She has traveled all over the world in runway modeling and editorial print jobs in Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Berlin. Due to the high demands of youth and vigor as she reached her early 20’s, she easily transitioned in television and film acting as she set out to Los Angeles in 2002. Elizabeth’s first acting role was when she was cast as a featured background actress in the Emmy Award winning television movie “The Dollmaker” starring the legendary film actress Jane Fonda, recruited in her elementary school. Years later,she was cast into another mainstream big budget film as a small background role in “October Sky” starring Jake Gyllenhal and Laura Dern. Elizabeth has acted in over 15 short and full-length feature films as “Armed Response” starring Cary Elwes and Ethan Embry”, “Santa Croce”, and “High Roller:The Stu Ungar Story”. She was also seen as a guest appearance in the hit show “The Doctors” on CBS in the episode “Am I Making the Right Choice?” for her opinions of modern day romance. She then transitioned into film producing and worked under a highly established Award Winning film producer, writer, actor, and sub-distributor David Heavener in 2006, that produced a number of high-profile films as “Eyes of the Stranger” starring the legendary Tony Curtis, (Academy Award nominee for best lead actor in “The Defiant Ones”) distributed by HBO, “Angel Blade” starring Margot Kidder (Superman), Marc Singer(The Beastmaster, The Young and the Restless), and Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist, The OC), in which she acquired a vast array of hand-on knowledge of film production and distribution leading to her later success behind the scenes. Her production company launched in 2008, Envision Motion Pictures, LLC specializes in Independent film projects that center around a plethora of genre as thrillers, comedy, and romance.. She has produced more than 7 projects current up-to-date as “How Have You Been?, “The Box”, “Golden Boy”, “Broken ones Shattered Dreams: A Story of Hope” focusing in on a charitable cause as Anti-Bullying, “Life is Blunt”, and “Seductive Shadows, and a Martial Arts Thriller “Violet Blue” in development into a full-length feature with 3 name actors. She has been features in the press in various aspects. She recently received a 2-page honorary press interview in The Hollywood Weekly Magazine, and is set to go on the The Fredo radio show and LA Talk Radio speaking out about the future of television and film, as well as her endeavors. Elizabeth continues to develop and transform as an artists. Her life-long vision has been to be a Philanthropist for abused and underpriviledged women and children.