Elfador Elfador


please do not tell anyone I am what thendase wacko Yankee Americans call a illegal imagrant SOME even call me a wet back because I came to American via Mexico HAY the Canadains got it on the ball I was afriad I would have gotten mounted by the Royal Canadain Mounted police I have horrid memories of a Bit bull who had his way with me so I ran away to America where I work for this NUT case that thinks HE is SANTA! HE paid a coyote for me PLEASE save ME. Sponcer me so I can become a LEGAL I am an undocumented dog. Some are so mean they even call me an ICE back in stead of a wet back because I am from Canada. I am thinking about going back because the ELF care down here SUCKs. Even for US ICE backs or WET backs...That is just so mean that the call me that... PLEASE HELP!!!