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El-Bros Videos is a group of troubled youth trying to channel their emotions through the creative techniques of sketch comedy. They all come from different backgrounds that add to the group's diversity. Ryan Heckel Born on an airplane flying over the Bay of Bengal, Ryan truly has no place to call his own. When his parents were both taken hostage during the Great Orion War, he vowed to one day make enough money from creating videos to save them. He still strives for that goal to this day. Jordan Williams Once an indentured servant in the House of Many Ears, Jordan had faced a daunting task. He was to kill his masters at their request in order to save humanity across the world. Unfortunately part of the plan was to frame Jordan as a sociopath. Jordan is still being hunted by the House of Many Ears' highly trained task force 8 as we speak. Hollis Edwards Hollis was born one Edward James Marlowe, a white-supremacist leader in the heart of Mississippi. He was highly regarded as the "N*igger Hunter", until one day he witnessed a small black child slaughtered at the hands of an even younger white child. In an effort to change his ways, Hollis underwent a skin altering surgery that rendered him to look African American. To this day he partakes in El-Bros videos with the hopes of one day doing away with racism. Alec Little Alec started life, or rather was created by the Omega Corporation's female robotics division. He was created using the DNA strands of over 45,000 different women across the globe, in an effort to create the perfect women. Unfortunately when the robot was a created, it had, by defect, sprouted a penis. He was thrown onto the streets where he was discovered by El-Bros Videos. He is now used in videos and makes coffee for the crew.