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Emily Kathleen Productions

The crazy randomness that is EMILY KATHLEEN~~~

Emily Kathleen Productions is an indie film company that is based in the love of the artist and the viewing audience itself. Which would be around the ages of 15 to 35 but these films will help anyone at any age and walk in life. Emily is a full time creator of the company. She sees a vision for a script and writes it. Then she directs, producers and acts lead in it. She is careful who she chooses to let work for her company. She feels that the energy and work ethic of a person is everything. They must be willing to work hard, grow as an artist and love what they do. Emily has been acting since she was 2 years old. She truly loves acting and helping the actors grow is key for her. Each film produced is a vision of what life experience Emily has had or witnessed. She lets her experiences and the stories of others change the world. What is unique about her company is she has a meaning of hope in all her stories. Emily view's that there is always something to be learned from the world and shown from it. With these films she gives many different artists and herself the chance to make a change and be the change in the world. She wishes that her films and self can be viewed as an example on how tragedy can be turned into something beautiful.