Eccentroworld Eccentroworld


Unhinged "Un-Reality" Show That's Not For Everybody (Maybe Nobody)

ECCENTROWORLD is a crazy, unhinged "unreality" show hosted by Nathaniel Scorch, a complete nutjob with delusions of grandeur who's hoping some bigshot manager, agent, or producer will discover him so he doesn't die penniless and unknown in an alley somewhere. It's a bizarre, comedy show that's not for the timid, but for loony eccentrics with attention deficit disorder. All stock footage and music used in show has been licensed and permission-granted. The show isn't for everybody and there are people who will probably hate it badly, but we think there's a unique, slightly insane audience out there that will love it. ECCENTROWORLD is a fun, offbeat place, west of Wonderland and in the same area code as the Twilight Zone. It's hosted by Nathaniel Scorch, a charming wacko who lives in his own little world with "Mumpy" his ventriloquist dummy friend and sidekick. It's a fast-paced, zany visually entertaining experiment in the Bizarre and the Deranged. It'll take you places you won't find on Google Maps.