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Ted Barrus

My name is Ted Barrus I go by the name "Ted THe Fire Breathing Idiot" I review hot sauce,Peppers, Knifes,Legos,Video Games, and anything spicy. find me on YouTube here https//www.youtube.com/user/tedbarrus BUY FBI MERCHANDISE HERE http//www.cafepress.com/firebreathingidiot COME TO MY NEW GROUP ON FACEBOOK https//www.facebook.com/groups/FireBreathingIdiotsDungeon MY OTHER ALTERNATE CRAZY YOUTUBE CHANNEL www.youtube.com/user/FIREbreathingIDI0T VISIT MY BLOG FOR PHOTOS,INFO AND VIDEOS http//www.firebreathingidiot.com SEE MY FUNNY RESTAURANT REVIEWS http//disgustingkitchen.tumblr.com XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG IS ALIEN INSIDE ME