E.C.C.C....Elm City Comedy Crew E.C.C.C....Elm City Comedy Crew

E.C.C.C....Elm City Comedy Crew

Elm City Comedy Crew

ELM CITY COMEDY CREW (E.C.C.C.) In July of 2008, Bob McManus (former member of Elm City Improv), brought together Vito and Cave to create comedy for the internet. After combining the threesome, Epsy was coaxed by Bob into the immortal ooze. Upon noticing that there was a galactic presence of the ancestors of humor. We decided that the Universe will be a greater place by establishing the team effort into the world of entertainment. Thus on an overall decision on September 29th 2008 The ELM CITY COMEDY CREW (E.C.C.C.) was born! With the combination of improv, talented writing, off the wall mental and physical buffoonery. We will bring laughter to our audience with great enthusiasm binging back the influences of the greats; Red Skelton, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, Monty Python, the early years of S.N.L. Characters BOB "Jake" MCMANUS A graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, with degree in Broadcast Journalism, Bob McManus has provided his voiceover services and voice impressions to dozens of radio and television stations around the world. Stations Include NBC’s Late Night With Conan O’Brien, CMT Country Music Television Network, ABC’s Dana Carvey Show, The Howard Stern Show, the nationally syndicated American Comedy Network, United Stations Radio Networks, The Regular Guy Show in San Francisco Ca, Connecticut’s NBC Sports Show Sunday Sports Replay, Hasbro, Time Warner, Play by Play Announcer for the Nike Pro City Basketball League in NYC and more. Performs voice impressions of the following celebrities and characters Marv Albert, Dick Vitale, Andy Rooney, Dom Pardo, JFK, Ted Kennedy, Irish, Dead Head, Southerner, New York City Tough Guy Bobby Gallo, Fairfield County rich guy Chip Meyers, Young College Guy, Russian Accent, Original Cartoon characters, Dramatic Newscaster style, Weather Man, Deep Promo Styles with scratch. ViTo B. Corraro There’s only one thing to say. He was born FUNNY. A real character! After years of being told by Family, friends and anyone he had met to do comedy. He has decided to jump into the mix. Cave N. ManThe History of Mann; Also a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University and an author, he has written for and performed in theater, video, and film for many years. “I've known Jake since kindergarten. We started doing skits a long time ago. He's a classic comic.” Espy O'Toole Had only this to say; “Yea, I was on my way to the bingo parlor when I got a call from Jake, who told me he was putting together a comedy group to do some short skits. I said I'm in I've been making people laugh all my life and, when are we going to Hollywood to do the movie thing?”