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never had a pony but did have his own midget

Born a coal miner’s daughter, Damien W. Green was groomed for performing from a very early age. Sold to his uncle at the age of three Green began to travel with McSorely’s Midwest Circus and Medicine Show. By the age of seven Damien was a clowns apprentice studying with the popular Irish clown Lanny Joyce whenever Lanny was sober enough to teach. The angry beatings Green received at the hands of the Irish minstrel provided no lessons, only scars and tears. Entering his teenage years Green left McSorely’s and become an itinerant preacher in the western United States. He was known back then for his unique Gospel styling’s, converting many with his “Clowning for Jesus” routines. Now, as a legal adult, Green still performs for audiences all around the world, although he’s never left the country and still believes that the Earth is flat.