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Dwayne Casstevens

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Dwayne Lee Casstevens, Jr. was born on February 22, 1993 in Henderson, North Carolina to the couple: Gracie Keeton and Dwayne Lee Casstevens, Sr. The youngest of three children and the only boy by his parents. His best nickname (which his family and closest friends call him) D.J. -- which is short for Dwayne Jr. He has a niece name Cari Lynn (who was born Nov. 2010). And a nephew (by marriage) name Jacob Dale. As a baby and a little kid, He enjoyed singing and dancing (he was told by his family) and he loved listening to music, writing songs and poems and watch t.v. Finally graduated from high school in 2011 from Halifax County High located in South Boston, Virginia. He started making YouTube videos in 2007. But deleted his 1st YouTube account early 2009 and had to start all over again. He also has a Myspace, Facebook and a blog website. His favorite color is lime green and black. His favorite food is Pepperoni Pizza. His favorite hobby is listening to music, writing blogs, lyrics and poems, swimming, taking photos, soccer, dancing, singing and etc. And his favorite music is Hip-Hop and Rock (both classic and today's Rock). His two sisters names are Amanda Lee (The oldest) and Alison Carrie (2nd oldest). As it comes to music, Dwayne tries to mention personal feelings, good times, falling in love and break ups through every single lyric. His first song was called ''Normal Teen'' when he was only 12 years-old. And it which tells how being a teenage boy can be hard. He also wrote songs like ''Another Romantic Song'', ''This Love'' and ''Must Be Love'' which has something to do with falling in love and little crushes he had on people while growing up. But none of it seem to match his style. Until, early 2010 when he was in the 11th grade him and a good friend named Antonio Bailey (who is a singer/songwriter himself) wrote a song together called ''On Valentine's Day''. It's a personal song that is about an ex-girlfriend of Dwayne's. She broke up with him a week before Valentine's Day. He posted 2 to 3 videos up YouTube singing the song himself. He's working on some music and is wishing to make a debut album really soon....