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Is Getting Funnier By The Second

Well, I'm a harvard graduate with a PhD in comedy. I'm Dr. Duece Swaggerman from Alaska. I enjoy playing poke Her, Danicing in The Rain Naked To Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", Sking with a carnies from carnivals and roller blading down sunset with midgets and doing aroebics with Goerge Michael's and Paul Ruebens. Just Kidding...I'm a 22year old adonis from South Central Los Angeles. I'm very funny and well, I don't mean to brag but you've probably seen me on BET's College Hill Virgin Islands. I mean come on...We only was the most highly rated show in BET history. Lol, don't take me so literally, I appreciate you viewing my page, please check out my videos and drop a line or two. Bottomz Up