Don't Touch That Comedy Don't Touch That Comedy

Don't Touch That Comedy

There is nothing we won't touch, or lick for that matter.

Don't Touch That Comedy or (D.T.T. Comedy) is the bastard child of Anthony Giordano and Geoff Gibson, who have crossed comedy streams to form an unholy alliance of laughs. Anthony a.k.a. Ant or Nightcrawler, holds a degree from Western Carolina University, & 5 minutes of featured fame on NBC and CBS, he teams with Geoff a.k.a. Gibson or Gipper, who boasts ....... Well, he worked for 'THE MAN' before going all Jerry Maguire and running off to NYC, studying Comedy and Film. Together, the two blend their unconventional comedies, and what results is something sure to get your grandma's blood boiling! Formed in 2011 and based out of Queens, Anthony and Geoff will stop at nothing to see you smile, laugh or even gag. You can rest assured that right now they're toiling away at D.T.T. Headquarters, preparing to eat Fruity Pebbles and watch cartoons. Stay tuned to and learn all about their delightfully twisted perspective on life. Fun Fact: Not only do these two gents' share a bedroom but they also share a toothbrush."