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Rest in peace Cush, you are and will be missed.

Weight: Thanks to beer and pigs, more than I want it to be. Height Depends on how straight I stand. Hair Half has taken early retirement, the rest is becoming more and more extremely blond. Hearing Blasted by earbuds for 25+ years. Vision Can't see far, can't see close. Sense of humor Edgy, not politically correct, but nigger, pollock, blond, etc. jokes are boring (The Really Offensive Jokes video on FOD is good though). Cartoons are awesome. Bullwinkle, Family Guy, and Spongebob are hilarious. Music Jimi Hendrix rules. Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Frank Zappa, and a crapload of bands found on archive.org Politics I'm a liberal engineer. Guess that makes me middle of the road. Yeah, I'm a dork because I accidently favorited myself and I don't know how to cancel it. (