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I Am Sofa King We Todd It.....I Am Sofa King We Todd It!

I'm just a hard working stiff who's not really looking forward to the golden years...I mean if you enjoy losing your teeth, loosening of the sphincter muscle and spending 10 minutes taking a piss only to get 30 yards from the urinal and realize you were not quite finished, then the golden years are a fucking riot! In fact I'm going to start shopping for diapers because you gotta get them when they are on sale right? My greatest fear is to end up in a nursing home where the young girls play with your cock and get it nice and hard when nobody is around, and just when you think she's kneeling down to wrap her lips around it, she punches you in the balls and snaps a photo on her blackberry she can upload to myspace, and leaves you sitting in your wheel chair with your pants to your ankles for the morning crew to find, and now you have to explain how you found yourself in that position to begin with for fuck sake!