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Here at Play Puppet Productions, we offer small film companies a opportunity to promote their films to our cult following of viewers. Sometimes with story lines that may not be so main stream and most of the time controversial we feel that these films best fit our viewers. The Dr. Dishevel Show is our latest show which will run in a 12 series season that we hope to promote to a cable channel in the near future. Please feel free to sit back and watch this movie we've designed with you in mind. Relax, as ™ Dr. Dishevel guides you into a new beginning for YOU. The Dr. Dishevel Show is a program about a young man"Chester Sheppard" that is having a little trouble growing up in life so he creates this imaginary world in the cellar in the back yard of his moms' house. When he steps through the door of the cellar he spirals into a world where all things are make believe. With the help of Dr. Dishevel and a few more friends he can reach his full potential as a supper hero but his mom wants him to get a job and to stop loafing around the house. He is torn between two worlds. He just wants to feel like a man.