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Robert Slay, MD

Funny ER Doctor

Colonel (RET) Robert Slay M.D. USA is a practicing Emergency physician, who is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and the Medical College of Virginia. He served in the U. S. Army as an emergency physician for twenty two years. He was a member of the elite Delta Force, and retired as a Colonel. Dr. Slay has contributed to several textbooks in Emergency Medicine, has been elected a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Medicine, the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, and currently serves as an examiner for the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Slay has extensively researched nutrition and life-style, aided and abetted by his wife, and “Battle Buddy”, Gayne Brenneman, M.D. Dr. Slay has become frustrated in his Emergency Medicine practice taking care of the relentless diseases brought on by obesity, lethal foods and unhealthy life-style. There is a tsunami of sick baby boomers flooding the ER with self-induced diseases. Taking care of them “feels like trying to put a band aid on a bleeding artery, too little, too late” After researching the medical literature, Dr. Slay and his wife realized they were at risk for the same obesity linked diseases, because they had truncal obesity and ate the wrong foods. They developed their own program of healthy nutrition, and life-style, THE BATTLE BUDDY DIET, and applied it to their own lives and became remarkably healthier and happier in just 4 weeks. Their physician colleagues, woefully ignorant about nutrition and life-style, wanted to know, “How did you do it?” Dr. Slay decided to write the book, THE BATTLE BUDDY DIET, to educate physicians and patients on how to save their own lives and their children’s. He and his wife are convinced that couples can do it together as “Battle Buddies” relying on mutual commitment and support, in only 4 weeks. Dr. Slay has written scripts for and acted in the reality based medical television show, “Untold Stories of the ER” for six episodes. He performs Emergency Room stand-up comedy as a hobby.