DoubtUS DoubtUS


We are production company from Los Angeles who specialize in wild and ridiculous behavior. Begining as three stand-up comedians, Ron Prouty, Tim Schwartz, and Tyler Twiss decided to take on the task of creating comedy where there are no boundaries. Being sick of watching the same conventional stand-up night after night, the crew joined forces and threw inhibitions to the wind, and set out to create a new style of humor. No stage can separate us from the audience, no subject is too taboo, and most importantly no character is too ridiculously far out there to be played out. DoubtUS first full production will be premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. Titled "Beat OFf" Dirty Yanks, the show has high hopes... and low humor. We hope you enjoy our videos, and make sure to add us as a friend at