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Dormtainment was created by college students for college students, for college student wannabes, and for those who just know a college student. Dormtainment is an online hang-out spot where you can share laughs, voice your opinions, or just escape from the everyday challenges of life. Dormtainment is FUN! It is the best online college entertainment around, with the funniest skits, the most interesting college-related blogs, and always something new added. Coming soon is an online radio show, contests, even more skits, etc. etc., etc. You’ll just have to keep logging on to find out what’s happening in the life of a college student. This is So, take a break from the books. Sit back and prepare to laugh out loud! Oh, by the way, there’s some quasi-serious stuff, too (so the parents won’t think you’re totally goofing off). Just Point, Click, and Enjoy!