Don't Call Me Dick! Don't Call Me Dick!

Don't Call Me Dick!

Don't annoy me!

Hello, my name is Richard StPeter. I am just an average guy, living a pretty average life. I have a boring job, where I work with annoying people. I made this site to help people become aware of how stupid and annoying they are. Maybe you are not stupid or annoying, but I am sure that you know someone who is. Watch my cool videos and learn how not to be super annoying. I cant help you if you are stupid. If you know someone who is super annoying send them my videos. Trust me it worked for me (they dont talk to me anymore). If there is someone or something that is super annoying and you think that they need a specialized video let me know. If I like your idea maybe I will make a new video. If your idea is stupid then I wont make you a video.