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StoopidAss began in 2001, and in the beginning it was only Tom, Griffin , Jake, and Chris, and it didn't have a name. Soon, more people started to join up, and we officially became StoopidAss 6 months later. In mid 2001 we released Volume 1 & Volume 2 simultaneously. In 2002, we finished work on Volume 3, which has yet to be released. In 2003 Ron joined the crew, and about a year later we released Volume 4 (which was intended to be the finale of StoopidAss). While StoopidAss was on hiatus, we released Fuck the World, and Don't Try This at Home, and we were joined by Frank and Ben. After Don't Try This at Home was finished, we took a break from filming for about a year, but we gradually started filming again, and towards the end of 2007, we released Volume 2: The remix (Which was Volume 2, mixed with some brand new stunts.) In 2008 we came back full time and in October of 2008, our most memorable video was born (The Nair Prank), since then we've been hard at work on our newest project...STOOPIDASS : The Movie! So stay tuned for more mayhem and madness....