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DJ Jarak

Creating For Profit And Laughs

I'm a Buffalo, NY born freelance artist and IT support technician. I have many interests but, most of them involve art, science fiction, fantasy, and alternative fashions. Yes, I'm an über-nerd and I make no excuses for it. In fact, I take pride in it. I am also a realist. If I see something, I will not choose to see it as something better or worse than it really is. My point is, being a dreamer doesn't have to mean being delusional as well. I hold myself to high ethical and moral standards. Sometimes a little too high. What gets me into the most trouble is, I hold others to those same standards and when I'm disappointed (which is often) I make a point to express it. I just don't see why people can't be fare, kind, and direct with each other. Everything always has to be lies, secrets, and manipulation. Maybe it's the Aspie (I have Aspergers Syndrome) in me but, that is just how I see things. That is the way I feel the world should be. Anyway, I've said my peace. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am very direct and have nothing to hide... despite what some people may think. MESSAGE TO POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS It is illegal to use an individual's social networking activity as a reason not to hire them. That been said, if I ever discover that you have done this, I will take immediate legal action and I will win as I have both the law and ethical ground on my side. If you wish to stay in business, be careful. I'm not kidding around. Finding representation to aid me in this matter will not be difficult.