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DJ Jarak

Some Personal... Some Professional

I'm a geek, a Pantheist, a Libertarian, and an Aspie. I am also a loyal friend and the most annoying of enemies. LOL! I love to cook and bake, I'm a fanatic for anything science fiction or dark fantasy, and I dabble with fashion styling. I love mixing mainstream and alternative fashion genres in order to create something unique and wild. Oh, and I'm a Creative Developer. I develop portfolios and projects for public and private clients by offering an array of creative services, such as photography, photo manipulation, graphic design, and print design. I'm very good with the creative aspect, but I fear I am a terrible self-promoter. I often share too much of my personal side. I am socially awkward and tend to over-share. This scares off the normies and they're usually the ones with all the money. Once in awhile, I find a client willing to focus on my skills and let the rest be what it will. Those are the people I will always cherish. Along with my creative development work, I've just taken on some volunteer work with Gorgeous Freaks Magazine as a writer, reviewing movies and television shows. I am also regularly contributing photos and artwork to them and other magazines as well. The exposure is good for my business and my self-image. Between all of my social network pages, I have over 12,000 unique followers. Not too shabby.