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DJ Jarak DJ Jarak

My name is “DJ Jarak” Wysocki. I am a geek, a goth (although I don’t always dress the part), an Aspie, I’m a bi-sexual trans-gender female, a photographer, a graphic designer, a digital artist, a talent promoter and a magazine editor. I have a passionate love of science fiction, fantasy, electronic music, alternative fashion (especially cyber and corporate goth), cooking and computer science. I’ve written many articles on the subject of cybernetics and artificial intelligence, a few of which have been published. I’ve also recently developed a love of acting, but don’t get to do it much since I don’t drive and this makes getting to auditions very difficult. I’ve been in a few local productions, some of which were really corny, while others totally deserve an award or two. I came out as bisexual a few years ago, but only just recently as trans gender female. It’s not the kind of thing you take lightly. I’ve never felt masculine at all. I’ve always been more into fashion and art than sports and other physical things. I also hate the way my body is made. It just doesn’t feel right to me. My birth name is Daniel, but everyone calls me DJ now. The J is for my middle name. My cousins called me DJ all my life so it feels right to make it my new name. I still dress as a man, but that’s only because I don’t have any feminine clothes. That’s going to change very soon. I even have a photographer and make-up artist friend ready to do a coming out photo shoot of me. They’re so sweet. It just feels great that I can now be the real me. I don’t have to worry about my voice being too high or being too emotional. I’ve always been that way. Somewhere along the line, nature made a mistake and I was born wrong. Mistakes happen, even with nature. For work, I’m a freelance photographer, photo retoucher, digital artist and graphic designer. I’ve worked under a number of labels since I started when I was a pre-teen such as Nephilim Creations, Omega Creations and Aperture Star Creations, but I recently decided that I’d rather just use my online alias, DJ Jarak. It’s simpler. Being a freelancer is so much easier and less expensive than running a solo-owned LLC. I also have a side-project called Optimiization Now, which offers PC based operating system repair and maintenance such as operating system installation, malware removal, driver and system file upgrades and computer/software based shopping assistance. I also offer remote assistance. This means that I can (with your permission) access your computer and guide you through processes. The program I use gives you a temporary code you give me, which allows me access. Once the session is over, the code is no longer valid. This keeps people from gaining access without your permission. Pretty nifty, right? I’m also the Founding Editor-in-Chief, Copy Editor and Creative Director of Strange Beauty Magazine, a publication showcasing creative talents from all over the world such as photographers, digital and traditional artists, models, fashion designers, make-up artists, actors, musicians, dancers, etc. Each issue includes exclusive interviews, some geek culture and more. Also, unlike your typical indy publication, we design our layouts in-house. No templates are ever used. The staff is made up of talented individuals from all over the world and we’re all volunteers. We are currently a not-for-profit company. All profits from the sales of issues are re-invested back into the company to cover advertising and the cost of shipping for items such as clothing for our models. We publish through MagCloud, which offers our magazine as both a PDF download and as a print in perfect binding. Check us out and submit something if you want. We are picky, but welcome amateurs. Experience isn’t the end all and be all. Some of the best creatives I’ve ever seen are only just beginning.