is the keeper of the sunlight.

Dizzygirl Dizzygirl

Me: blue loving lass from the UK who is very much into all things blue.Blue hats,blue shoes(suede optional;I actually prefer patent leather),blue shirts,blue skirts.Blue skies,blue furnishings,blue phones,blue tissues.Blue socks.blue underwear,blue bracelets,blue jeans.Blue movies,blue teeth,blue hair,blue men. Oh,wait..no,the last four on the list actually aren't really true.But give me a blue man with blue teeth and hair in a blue movie and I guarantee I'd probably be vaguely amused... One thing I don't like is *feeling* blue,so I shall be visiting this site regularly I'm sure, just so that doesn't happen. I probably won't be posting any clips by myself as that's not something I think I'd be that good at at the moment, but you never know,I might wake up someday and have a blinding (blue perhaps?)flash of inspiration.... Oh,and I really,really cannot stand blue cheese.Just thought I'd point that out. PS.I really do like blue btw,I'm not just using it as my "thing"! =D