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“Dixiewood” is a hilarious new web series following the adventures of two down home, country girls, Lynn Ette and Daphne, and their “not so bright” cousin, Elvin, who decide to take on Hollywood. Our trio has big dreams which are answered for Daphne when she receives a recording contract after winning a jingle writing contest and moves to Nashville leaving Lynn Ette and Elvin to pursue their big dreams in Los Angeles. With Elvin as her cohort in crime and support system, Lynn Ette will do just about anything to make her dreams come true. There will be good times and hard times as our duo learns the ropes of the entertainment industry, but blood is thicker than L.A. smog. Lynn Ette and Elvin may not be the brightest bulbs in the string but there is true talent and enough determination to make it happen. Starring Christa Woomer and Brian Ecker, “Dixiewood” is a laugh out loud comedy show that will leave you saying, “Ding dang, y’all. I love it!”