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I fingered a cow once!

I hold down two jobs as a freelance sperm donor and a cat behavior consultant. I have been described as a big old pussy cat. Seriously though I will break your balls if you step out of line. Been single or what I call "surprise sexing" for 8 years. I have not got time to be tied down to love, nothing ties me down I need my hands. Sure if the right gal comes along I will take the old bat for a fly and see if she can find the sweet, sweet cherry berrys aka my balls! But no promises ladies, ask me no questions I tell you no lies! When my father died he donated everything a part from his eyes. The reason he told me was "I don't want to be a blind ghost" He was a simple man with simple ways. He also got confused when walking past mirrors as he thought he was having an outer body experience. These events lead to his break down and eventual death.

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