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He is from Miami, FL. His parents are from Cuba, which doesn't mean he is a communist or a coke dealer...damn stereotypes. He is a writer-director, mostly horror and comedies. Here is a little rundown of the projects I've worked on in a significant way... Vampire Cheerleaders Must Die, How to Make It in Film/ Television, How to Make it As An Actor, Director's Cut, The Kringles, Game Knights and a over a dozen shorts and comedy skits... His moto In anything you do, If your goal is to learn than you can never truly fail. he is 100% HUMAN and proud. A true JACK of ALL trades, and a master of some. Has ALWAYS fearlessly embraced change. He started out as an artist (sketching, cartooning, painting, comic book art) But he has evolved into a.... <<< Pst, I wrote this bio....I have a production company called Critical Hit Media. It's one of my friends, down there....there are shorts and info about new projects, like The Sean and Bill Show, a zany new morning radio podcast hosted by Sean Connery and Bill Clinton click here Critical Hit Media. >>> He performs stand-up comedy all over LA, Improv too.